Sat, Sep 21, 2013 - Page 2

A : Do you think appearance can give you a more favorable impression on the job?

B : It doesn’t matter that much to me, but it seems like a lot of managers think so.

A : Appearance doesn’t equal performance, but so many managers think good looks equals success.

B : I guess I need to start dressing up more for work.

A : A:你覺得外型有替工作加分的效果嗎?

B : 對我來說沒太大感覺,但似乎有些主管這樣覺得。

A : 雖然外型不等同績效,卻有許多主管相信「美貌就是成就」。

B : 看來我以後上班也要多多打扮了。