Mon, Sep 09, 2013 - Page 2

A : David, what did you do at your previous job?

B : I was in charge of marketing my company’s computer monitors in the Asian market.

A : Sounds great, but our company needs people to work in the European market.

B : I’m also well-versed in developing different markets and I’ve also prepared a briefing for you.

A : 大衛,請問你上一份工作是做甚麼?

B : 我前一個工作是負責公司電腦監視器的亞洲市場的行銷企畫。

A : 聽起來很棒,但我們公司需要歐洲市場的人材。

B : 關於跨區市場開發我也非常有研究,同時也準備了簡報。