Thu, Sep 05, 2013 - Page 2

A : Hey Chang, there’s an emergency review meeting at 5:30pm.

B : What? I still have so much work to finish and now I’ve got to go to this meeting.

A : It can’t be helped. The manager wants to know how the event went last weekend.

B : OK. I’ll hurry and prepare a list of all the problems and suggestions regarding the event

A : 小張,等一下五點半要開緊急檢討會。

B : 什麼!我還有很多工作沒有完成,又要插入會議。

A : 沒辦法,主管想了解上週末舉辦的活動狀況。

B : 好吧!我趕緊將活動狀況與建議擬成列表。