911 operator saves bride’s big day in the best way 九一一接線生以最佳方式挽救新娘的大喜之日

Wed, Sep 04, 2013 - Page 10

While just hours away from walking down the aisle, bride-to-be Amanda discovered that her US$6,000 wedding dress had been stolen out of her car. In tears, she called 911 to report the robbery.

What happened next was like a real-life version of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Candice, the dispatcher, felt horrible for Amanda. The 911 operator had just gotten married a year and a half before, and she had a perfectly good wedding dress sitting in her parents’ closet.

A perfectly good wedding dress from the same store Amanda had bought hers, and in almost the same size that Amanda wore. It was almost too perfect to be true.

Candice talked to her manager and got permission to offer Amanda her wedding dress as a stand-in. With the help of Candice’s husband, the group managed to get the dress to Amanda before she got married.

The two ladies got to meet face-to-face shortly after Amanda’s wedding day, and Amanda had some warm words for Candice.

“I want you to know you’re seriously an amazing person and not a lot of people would have done that,” she said.

For Candice, it just seemed like fate. “If I hadn’t taken that call, I wouldn’t have heard about it. If she wasn’t my size, it wouldn’t have worked. If my husband had gone camping instead of staying home, I couldn’t have gotten to the dress,” Candice said.

(Liberty Times)