Ohio man sues casino after US$35,000 in winnings robbed 俄亥俄男子賭贏的三萬五千美元被搶後控告賭場

Thu, Aug 29, 2013 - Page 10

A US man has sued a casino in Columbus, Ohio, after he was robbed at gunpoint of thousands of dollars of blackjack winnings at his home later.

David Hayes, 29, says in a lawsuit that two armed men entered his bedroom and demanded $35,800.

He says the Hollywood Casino Columbus failed to keep his address and other personal information confidential and should have paid him in a check.

According to the lawsuit, after winning at the blackjack tables during a gambling session in October, Hayes took his chips to the cashier at the Hollywood Casino Columbus and asked to be given a check. The clerk did not agree, so Hayes offered to accept cash.

The plaintiff says the clerk wrote down information from his driver’s license on a piece of paper and held it up for him to confirm — in a manner that would have allowed others to read the details.

The security guard who escorted Hayes to his car asked if he was concerned about having a lot of cash, to which Hayes replied that his brother kept a gun, Hayes said.

The casino argues that Hayes lost the money because of “his own negligence.”

(Liberty Times)