Hotter temperatures lead to hotter tempers 溫度越高火氣越大

Wed, Aug 28, 2013 - Page 10

A big new study says as the world gets warmer, people are more prone to get hot under the collar. Scientists found that aggressive acts like violent crimes and wars become more likely with each added degree.

The research analyzed 60 studies of such things as the historic collapses of empires, recent wars and violent crime rates in the United States. They found a common thread — extreme weather, hot or dry, means more violence.

An author of the study said that when the weather gets bad people tend to be more willing to hurt others. The team of economists even came up with a formula that predicts how much the risk of different types of violence should increase with extreme weather.

In war-torn parts of equatorial Africa, it says, every added degree Fahrenheit or so increases the chance of conflict between groups, rebellion, war and civil unrest by 11 percent to 14 percent.

(Liberty Times)