Tue, Jul 30, 2013 - Page 2

A : Sir, I’m sorry. I have to leave the company by the end of next month.

B : Why are you quitting so suddenly? Is something troubling you about the company?

A : No. I like my job. I’m getting married and moving to Kaohsiung.

B : Your leaving is our loss, but let me congratulate you.

A : 經理,很抱歉,我只能做到下個月底。

B : 怎麼突然想離職?對公司有什麼不滿嗎?

A : 不是的,我喜歡這份工作,但我要結婚嫁到高雄去了。

B : 妳的離開是我們的損失,但我先恭喜妳!