Fri, Jul 26, 2013 - Page 2

A : Wow. You were actually able to land that deal with Bonlivv. How’d you do it?

B : I ran five marathons.

A : What do you mean?

B : I heard that the CEO at Bonlivv loves running, so in order to land the deal I ran all of Taiwan’s marathons with him.

A : 哇!你居然談成B公司的大案子,告訴我你是怎麼辦到的?

B : 我參加了五場馬拉松!

A : 這是什麼意思?

B : 我打聽到B公司的總裁熱愛跑步,為了爭取這個案子,我跟著他完成了全台所有的馬拉松賽事!