Thu, Jul 25, 2013 - Page 2

A : Some of the other departments will help us from here on with this project.

B : Help won’t be a problem, but be sure to provide details of what you need.

A : Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll discuss the details with each department after the meeting.

B : No, I mean tell us exactly what to do instead of just prattling away and never doing anything.

A : 這個專案後續有請其他部門多多協助了。

B : 協助是沒有問題,但請提出明確的需求。

A : 謝謝你的指教,會議後我再跟各部門商討細節。

B : 不,我的意思是請你直接告訴我們怎麼做,別老是空中畫餅,光說不練。