Wed, Jul 24, 2013 - Page 2

A : Mr Wu, I haven’t received your tarot divination article for this week yet.

B : But I sent it last Friday.

A : I’m certain I haven’t received it and no one answered when I tried calling you for the past three days.

B : I’m sorry. I’ve been out of the country the past few days. I bet the e-mail bounced. I’ll send it to you again.

A : 吳老師,我尚未收到您這星期塔羅占卜的文章。

B : 但是我上周五就寄出去了耶。

A : 我確定沒收到,而且我已經打了三天的電話您都沒接。

B : 抱歉,我這幾天人在國外,我想應該是e-mail被退了,我再寄給你一次。