Sun, Jul 21, 2013 - Page 2

A : A study shows that the number of college graduates continuing their education after this year is less than the past.

B : With so many graduates out there and jobs not being easy to find, everyone wants to get their foot in the door as soon as possible.

A : With the job market in the gutter, continuing your studies isn’t such a bad idea. Maybe after you graduate the economy will have turned around.

A : 據調查,今年大學畢業生選擇繼續升學的比例遠低於歷年。

B : 學歷通膨、工作又不好找,大家都想趕緊出社會卡位。

A : 但現在大環境這麼差,繼續升學也不錯啊,也許過幾年畢業剛好能碰上景氣好轉。