Sat, Jul 20, 2013 - Page 2

A : The news said that the average monthly salary in Taiwan is more than NT$40,000, but actually a lot of people don’t even make NT$30,000.

B : I also think most people’s salaries are below that average.

A : It has to be the extremely rich raising the average, so the data is unrepresentative.

B : The government should make the most common salary public to show how much most people are earning.

A : 報導說我國平均薪資有4萬多元,但明明很多人薪水連3萬都不到!

B : 我也認為大部分人的薪水都低於這個平均值。

A : 一定是少數卻極端有錢的人拉高了平均,這數據根本沒有代表性。

B : 政府應該公開國人的薪資眾數,才能反映多數人的所得水準。