Thu, Jul 18, 2013 - Page 2

A : Kenny, your proposal was very intriguing, but you didn’t fill out the timeline implementation form.

B : The proposal was thought up yesterday by everyone in the marketing department. We haven’t formulated details for executing it yet.

A : Please write a complete proposal and present it at the same time next week.

B : No problem.

A : 肯尼,我對你的提案很感興趣,但你似乎沒拉出執行的時程表?

B : 這案子是昨天我們行銷部共同發想出來的,的確還沒深入到執行細節。

A : 那請你寫一份完整企畫,下周同一時間再報告一次。

B : 沒問題!