Wed, Jul 17, 2013 - Page 2

A : Hello. I’m looking for Carl in the IT department.

B : He’s on his honeymoon. I’m covering for him while he’s away. My name’s Annie. How can I help you?

A : I’m David from the marketing department. Last month, he promised us that he’d help set up three computers and telephones for us.

B : I wasn’t informed about this. Did you fill out the necessary forms yet?

A : 你好,我找IT的卡爾。

B : 他請婚假度蜜月去了,我是他的職代安妮,請問有什麼事?

A : 我是行銷部的大衛,他上個月答應幫我們架設3組電腦跟話機。

B : 我並沒有被交接到這件事,請問你們有開需求單嗎?