Fri, Jul 12, 2013 - Page 2

A : I remember you saying that the company sent you to work in Japan, right?

B : Yeah, I worked in Osaka my first two years with the company.

A : A friend of mine needs to interview someone with overseas work

experience. Can you help him out?

B : As long as it’s not today. I have to hurry to finish an important report today.

A : 我記得你說過曾被公司外派到日本對吧?

B : 是呀,我工作的前兩年一直都待在大阪。

A : 我有個記者朋友需要訪談一位有國外工作經驗的個例,你能幫忙嗎?

B : 只要不是今天都可以!我今天得趕出一份重要的報告。