Tue, Jul 09, 2013 - Page 2

A : How despicable. This client is trying to get free samples to put on display again.

B : They’re not cheap. Didn’t we already give them 500 samples?

A : Yeah, and the contract clearly says that they’ll be charged a fee for extra samples.

B : I never imagined they would try to take advantage of us like this.

A : 真可惡!客戶又來要求免費提供展示樣品了。

B : 那成本可不便宜,我們不是已經提供500組給他們了嗎?

A : 是啊,而且當初合約上也清楚說明,額外索取樣品是要付費的。

B : 真想不到他們這麼愛貪小便宜!