Students make commemorative guava soaps 頭城國中幸福皂 紀念品超夯

Tue, Jul 09, 2013 - Page 11

Toucheng Junior High School is using guava leaves and guavas from a large guava farm situated next to the school to make all-natural “happy soaps” by hand. With a limited supply, the soaps are being given away free of charge, and have become a unique souvenir for those lucky enough to receive them.

The land where the school sits was originally called “Guava Forest” in Hoklo (commonly known as Taiwanese). Many guava trees grow in the area surrounding the school, either planted by local fruit farmers or growing wild. The school principal Lien Chih-feng says that teachers at the school started thinking about how to create something special that would make the school stand out. After deciding to consolidate local resources — guava, they started making guava soaps and gave them the name “Happy I Soap You.” The soaps come in long slender shapes, soaps that can be hung up and flower-shaped soaps.

Lien says that the “happy soaps” made by the school are completely natural. They do not add any chemicals and the leaves are taken from wild guava trees, so there is not any pesticide residue on the leaves, he says.

The school spent two months last year making more than 200 bars of “happy soap,” which the school gives away to visitors or teachers on Teachers’ Day as gifts.

This year the school will continue making “happy soaps” and also try to come up with packaging designs to make the soaps more attractive, but they are still not considering selling the soaps, Lien says.

(Liberty Times, Translated by Kyle Jeffcoat)