Kaohsiung jobs attracting more young talent 返鄉就業卡實在 高雄就博會熱絡

Sat, Jun 29, 2013 - Page 11

The Greater Kaohsiung Government and the Ministry of Economic Affairs’ Export Processing Zone Administration held the first job fair of the summer on June 23. At the job fair were 150 companies with 6,000 job vacancies. The job market in southern Taiwan has increased between 10 and 20 percent, showing that employers and job seekers are gradually breaking away from the trend of everyone crowding in the north.

The job fair covered the electronic information technology, green energy, digital content and consumers’ goods and chemical sectors, providing young people with a diversity of options. Kaohsiung Software Technology Park’s Hon Hai Group is looking to hire several hundred engineers, attracting a large number of eager young talent, as well as managers from small and medium-sized companies in central and northern Taiwan who want to return to Kaohsiung and were looking for management positions at the job fair. One 38-year-old man surnamed Chang said, “I can’t save any money at all working in Taipei. We wanted to buy a house after getting married, so going back to Kaohsiung is more realistic.”

Greater Kaohsiung Deputy Mayor Lee Yung-de says that the Kaohsiung government is promoting its “Asia New Bay Area” project and enthusiastically working to build a convenient metro system with its Mass Rapid Transit system and the light rail transit system, as well as creating residential environments that are suitable for young workers. Living circumstances and the quality of residential areas are much more friendly than Taipei and highly suitable for young people to settle down, Lee says.

The Kaohsiung Labor Affairs Bureau is offering young people the opportunity to apply for subsidies if they move to Kaohsiung for work, encouraging young people who have left Kaohsiung to return to the city to offer their services, as well as people who are from other cities to move to Kaohsiung for work. The local government is also in the process of planning residential areas that would suit young people better in hopes of attracting them to move to Kaohsiung and make a niche for themselves.

(Liberty Times, Translated by Kyle Jeffcoat)