Thu, Jun 27, 2013 - Page 2

A : OK. Next let’s take a look at this pie chart that represents customer satisfaction.

B : Can you please explain the results of the analysis?

A : No problem. Red is for satisfied customers, blue means they are dissatisfied and yellow means they have no opinion.

B : It looks like our customers’ level of satisfaction has improved a lot.

A : 接下來,請讓我們看這張圓餅圖,這是我們顧客滿意度調查的結果。

B : 請你說明一下分析結果吧。

A : 沒問題,紅色部分代表顧客很滿意,藍色部分代表不滿意,黃色部分則是無意見。

B : 看起來,我們的顧客滿意度有大幅提升喔!