Wed, Jun 26, 2013 - Page 2

A : Hello. This is customer service at Ace Shopping Center. My name is Chen. How may I be of assistance?

B : Hi. I just sent a purchase order through on your Web site, but I entered the wrong purchase amount. What should I do?

A : I can change it online for you. What’s your membership number?

B : A02642.

A : 你好!這裡是A購物中心客服,我姓陳,很高興為您服務。

B : 你好,我剛剛透過網路下單,但打錯購買數量,請問該怎麼辦?

A : 我可以直接線上幫您處理。請問您的會員編號是?

B : A02642。