Being good-looking can earn you 20 percent more if you are a man 帥哥多賺兩成薪 美女無優勢

Wed, Jun 19, 2013 - Page 11

A handsome man can earn a fifth more than a plainer colleague but a beautiful woman is not paid a penny more than her average-looking colleague, new research has shown.

The study by senior economists found that being good-looking meant male workers could earn 22 percent more than average-looking colleagues.

Researchers said good looks did not give women a similar advantage.

Andrew Leigh, the former economics professor at Australian National University who co-authored the report said, “Beauty can be a double-edged sword for women.”

“Some people still believe good looks and intelligence are incompatible in women so a good-looking woman can’t be that productive, but there’s no dumb-blonde syndrome affecting men’s pay.”

The research found that handsome men in all jobs, from manual labor to highly-paid professional careers, can earn 22 percent more than their colleagues doing an identical role.

Men with below-average looks face an uphill battle in the office, with ugliness reducing a man’s earnings by 26 percent compared to an average-looking worker.

(Liberty Times)