Michelin for the masses: Japan’s standing restaurants head for New York 普羅大眾的米其林料理 日本立食餐廳進軍紐約

Thu, May 30, 2013 - Page 10

Japan’s popular standing restaurants, where patrons eat food by former Michelin restaurant chefs for a fraction of the cost at a seated-restaurant, are about to hit New York.

Michio Yasuda, an executive director at ORENO Corporation, which owns and runs 18 restaurants in Tokyo, hopes New Yorkers who are happy to drink while standing at bars will also be happy to eat while standing.

In Tokyo’s standing restaurants, which include French and Italian establishments in the posh Ginza district, diners can enjoy dishes like tender beef tournedos with foie gras, with an average meal costing about 4,000 yen (US$39), around the cost of drinks and snacks at a simple Japanese-style pub.

ORENO plans to open a standing gourmet Japanese restaurant in New York, taking aim at diners who yearn for sushi without the bill climbing into three figures or more.

“Japanese food at a top-rated place in New York is so expensive. We want to completely change that,” said Hiroshi Shimada, a chef who set up a gourmet standing Japanese restaurant in Ginza after leaving the Michelin three-starred Japanese restaurant Azabu Yukimura.

Shimada said some modifications may be made to the food to suit American tastes. “For example, we might add just a tiny bit of butter to our dashi soup stock. Or take Japanese simmered dishes like niku jaga — meat with potatoes — and serve them with bread, like a stew,” he added.





現在,ORENO公司計畫在紐約開設一間日式立食美饌餐廳 ,目標客群是渴望能品嘗壽司,又不希望帳單高達三位數的食客。