Mon, May 27, 2013 - Page 2

A : Did the job interview for that management trainee position last week go well?

B : They used this role-playing technique to test me. I’m not sure how I did though.

A : Role-playing? How exactly did they test you?

B : It was really hard. The person interviewing me pretended to be a difficult customer to test how effective I am at preventing a disaster.

A : 上週的儲備幹部面試還順利嗎?

B : 他們使用了「情境測試」技巧,我不確定自己表現如何。

A : 「情境測試」是怎麼進行的呢?

B : 他們出了難題,扮演「奧客」,要考我如何化險為夷。