Fri, May 24, 2013 - Page 2

A : I read several favorable reviews on your Web site about your company’s products and would like to learn more.

B : Sure. We can send someone to your house to give a demonstration and allow you to try out the product.

A : Is there a fee for trying out the product?

B : The trial is free and the salesperson won’t try to force you to buy the product.

A : 我在網站上看到很多貴公司產品的試用好評,想要進一步了解細節。

B : 沒問題,我們可以派專人到您府上示範,讓您試用。

A : 請問試用需要收費嗎?

B : 別擔心,試用完全免費,業務人員也不會強迫推銷。