Ogooglebar! Sweden’s spat with Google inspires ‘ungoogleable’ fun 網路搜尋不到!瑞典與Google爭吵引發「網路搜尋不到的」樂趣

Tue, May 21, 2013 - Page 10

Objections from Google have forced the removal of the word “ungoogleable” from a list of new Swedish words, the Language Council of Sweden says.

The language watchdog defines “ungoogleable,” or “ogooglebar” in Swedish, as something that cannot be found with any search engine, but Google wanted the meaning to relate only to Google searches.

The council, worried at the prospect of a lengthy legal battle and balking at the idea of changing the word’s definition, removed it from the list.

News of the disagreement nevertheless created what the Swedish call a “Bloggbavning” — in English: a blogquake, or “the process by which a topic explodes in the blogosphere and is then picked up by more mainstream media outlets,” according to The Atlantic.

Many search engine users are “googling the ungoogleable” following the lexical skirmish.

Swedish author and historian Peter Englund argued that Google has shot itself in the foot.

“There is no large company that owns the Swedish language, it is owned only by the users, and it is created by users,” he stated in Swedish.(Liberty Times)