Design student creates appealing fruit-shaped flytraps 大學生玩設計  西瓜造型捕蠅紙飄香

Mon, May 20, 2013 - Page 11

Flies are often deemed a necessary nuisance when patronizing snack shops, but the paper flytraps that are used to catch the pests also can be a source of nausea. During National Taipei University of Technology’s exhibition showcasing its graduating class that was held on May 8, the work of one student — “The Last Supper” — was particularly riveting. Lin Kuan-wen, an industrial design major, has come up with various fruit-shaped designs for paper flytraps, including watermelon and papaya-shaped traps. From a distance the traps actually look like sumptuous fruit, and what appears to be fruit seeds are actually flies that have been caught and stuck to the traps.

Hailing from Changhua County, her family has run a small eatery there since she was a child, and according to Lin, the shop often attracted copious amounts of flies. However, her mother always felt that any of the flytraps sold on the market were visually unattractive and could potentially cause customers to lose their appetite if they saw a trap filled with trapped flies.

Feeling suddenly inspired, Lin came up with the design for her the fruit-shaped flytraps. “The Last Supper” flytraps appear to be delicious fruit while the trapped flies look like fruit seeds.

Like a piece of paper that emits the sweet fragrance of fruit, whether it be watermelon, dragon fruit or papaya, all you have to do is open the seal, apply the sticky substance and place it in a restaurant. The new invention has attracted a lot of attention, including interested manufacturers. With a smile on her face, Lin says that flytrap manufacturers are quite intrigued and have already contacted her about collaborating. She is also planning to add fruit essence to the traps so they give off the sweet smell of fruit and catch flies more effectively.

(Liberty Times, Translated by Kyle Jeffcoat)