Wed, May 15, 2013 - Page 2

A : Is this customer service? I’ve got a complaint.

B : Yes. My name is Chen. I’ll be the customer service representative helping you today. What can I do for you?

A : I ordered a new product from your company’s Web site last week, but I still haven’t received it.

B : I apologize for the delay. I’ll take care of it right away and let you know the result.

A : 請問是客服部嗎?我有事情要投訴。

B : 是的,我是客服專員,我姓陳。請問有什麼事情需要幫忙?

A : 我上週透過網路訂購貴公司的新產品,但至今仍未收到。

B : 抱歉讓您久等。我會盡快處理,並且主動回覆您結果。