Mon, May 13, 2013 - Page 2

A : From your resume it looks like you were out of work for an entire year. What were you doing during that time if I may ask?

B : I was in New Zealand on working holiday.

A : What did you get from the experience?

B : My English improved, I got to learn what it’s like working on a farm and I traveled around the islands by myself.

A : 從履歷中看到你有一年的「空窗期」,請問這段時間你在做什麼?

B : 我到紐西蘭體驗「打工渡假」了!

A : 這段海外經驗有何收獲呢?

B : 我增進了外語能力,也體驗過農場工作,並且獨自完成環島旅行。