Thu, Apr 18, 2013 - Page 2

A : Does anyone have any questions about the briefing thus far?

B : I think the figures you’ve estimated are wrong. They’re not the same as our sales volume calculations in the marketing department.

A : It’s probably because we used different calculation methods.

B : OK. Can you please explain how you got the figures in your presentation?

A : 到目前為止,各位對簡報有任何問題嗎?

B : 我認為你預估的數據有誤,這與我們行銷部推測的銷售量有出入。

A : 你所提到的數據差異,應是與估計的方法不同有關。

B : 那請你說明,簡報上的數據是如何推測出來的。