Squirrel returns home after arrow shooting incident 中箭松鼠傷癒 野放重返清大

Mon, Apr 08, 2013 - Page 11

A squirrel shot with a crossbow arrow on the campus of National Tsing Hua University has returned home. Students spotted the squirrel on campus last month with a metallic arrow 20cm long sticking though its body. Despite being injured, the squirrel was still lively, running around in the trees and even competing with pigeons for food. The university hired representatives from the Hsinchu Zoo to help capture the squirrel and take it in for treatment. After veterinarians from the zoo surgically removed the arrow from the squirrel, it was kept under observation for two weeks. The squirrel was released back into the wild at the university on April 1. Hsu Hung-yi, chief officer of the Hsinchu Zoo, says that after the arrow was removed, the squirrel made a quick recovery and regained its sprightliness and appetite. The best way to rehabilitate the squirrel was by returning the rodent to its most familiar environment, Hsu says.

The squirrel, however, stayed in the box for some time, unwilling to come out, probably because of the extravagant scene that was underway as it was being released. Even after the cage was opened and tilted to make it go out, the squirrel would not budge. It was not until the crowd dispersed that it suddenly bolted out of the cage, passing the audience and effortlessly dashed up a pine tree along the campus’ Chenggong Lake. Practically flying through the forest, the squirrel jumped from tree to tree, climbing up and down, until it was no longer visible to the crowd, finally returning to the home it knows so well.

(Liberty Times, Translated by Kyle Jeffcoat)