Sun, Mar 24, 2013 - Page 2

A : The weather was wonderful yesterday. Did you go anywhere interesting?

B : I suppose. I took the whole family in the car and drove to Dahu Township in Miaoli to pick strawberries.

A : What happened? You don’t sound too pleased.

B : The boss called me in last night for an emergency, so I was driving back to Taipei all night.

A : 昨天天氣那麼好,你有去哪玩嗎?

B : 算有吧!我開車帶全家人去苗栗大湖採草莓。

A : 怎麼了,你聽起來並不太開心。

B : 昨晚被主管緊急召回公司,我連夜趕回台北。