Tue, Mar 19, 2013 - Page 2

A : I heard that Westerners don’t give out business cards the first time they meet.

B : Yeah, they usually just shake hands and chit chat. Exchanging business cards comes later.

A : In Taiwan exchanging business cards right away is proper business etiquette.

B : It’s a different culture. The main thing is that the other person feels respected.

A : 聽說西方人不會在第一次自我介紹時就遞上名片。

B : 是啊,他們只握手寒暄,交換名片通常是之後的事。

A : 在台灣,見面先互換名片似乎才符合職場禮儀。

B : 這是國情的不同,重要的是要讓對方覺得備受尊重。