Mon, Mar 18, 2013 - Page 2

A : Your previous company is considered a top company. Why did you leave?

B : I’d like to find a job overseas and I heard your company is planning to expand internationally.

A : That’s right. We’ll be opening service centers in 10 different countries.

B : I hope there’s a spot for me to use my talents at your company.

A : 你之前在第一流的公司,為何要離職呢?

B : 我想尋求海外工作機會,而聽說貴公司正計畫擴展國際市場。

A : 你說得沒錯,我們將在十個國家設立服務據點。

B : 希望我有機會能在貴公司發揮所長。