Alcohol ‘disrupts sleep cycles’ 酒精「打亂睡眠週期」

Mon, Mar 18, 2013 - Page 11

A tipple before bedtime may get you off to sleep faster but it can disrupt your night’s slumber.

The London Sleep Centre team says studies show alcohol upsets our normal sleep cycles.

While it cuts the time it takes to first nod off and sends us into a deep sleep, it also robs us of one of our most satisfying types of sleep, where dreams occur.

Many advocate a nightcap, but Dr. Irshaad Ebrahim and his team advise against it. Used too often, it can cause insomnia.

Ebrahim, medical director at the London Sleep Centre and co-author of the latest review, said, “One or two glasses might be nice in the short term, but if you continue to use a tipple before bedtime it can cause significant problems.”

“If you do have a drink, it’s best to leave an hour and a half to two hours before going to bed so the alcohol is already wearing off.”

(Liberty Times)