Fri, Mar 15, 2013 - Page 2

A : Another dealer, Allservice, charges 10 percent less than you.

B : But our distribution channels cover all of the big wholesalers and chain stores, giving your products more exposure.

A : If we go with you, we pretty much have no room for profit.

B : Consumers don’t know your brand, so right now increasing market share is more important than profit.

A : A經銷商的收費比你們低10%。

B : 但我們的通路涵蓋各大量販與連鎖商店,商品曝光度高。

A : 若跟你們合作,我們幾乎沒有利潤空間。

B : 消費者還不認識你們的品牌,搶佔市占率比利潤更重要。