Thu, Mar 14, 2013 - Page 2

A : The briefing’s really long this time, so it might take half an hour.

B : The main thing when giving a briefing is to be concise, so you’d better cut it.

A : How many minutes do you think would be appropriate?

B : Experts say 18 minutes or less, but it’d be great if you can keep it under 10 minutes.

A : 這一次的簡報內容很多,可能要講半小時。

B : 簡報重在簡潔明瞭,你最好先把內容消化過。

A : 你覺得幾分鐘內講完比較適合?

B : 專家建議18分鐘內,若你能控制在10分鐘內更好!