Women are the secret oglers: study 研究發現:女人更愛偷瞄女人

Tue, Mar 12, 2013 - Page 10

It is not men who spend their time secretly ogling women — it is women, according to a revealing new study.

It is also the fairer sex that gives their rivals’ bodies a good visual once-over, found Bristol University researchers, rather than their supposedly Neanderthal partners. Men are more likely to concentrate on a potential mate’s face.

The academics came to their conclusions after asking volunteers to examine a range of different images, including stills from nature documentaries, classical and surrealist paintings, and freeze-frames of couples in films.

The researchers found women spent 61 percent of their time looking at the women in the pictures, and only 39 percent on the men.

When they looked at the women, their eyes tended to roam around the whole figure, while men concentrated on the face.

Felix Mercer Mos, a computer science PhD student, who led the study, said, “This is counter-intuitive from a sexual perspective if you are thinking about desire, but it’s not surprising if you look at it in terms of sexual competition.”

He continued, “The women might be checking out their sexual rivals, and comparing themselves with them.”

(Liberty Times)