Thu, Mar 07, 2013 - Page 2

A : This project will be an interdepartmental collaboration, so we’ll need to hold a coordination meeting.

B : I sent out a group e-mail to everyone. The meeting’s at 2pm today.

A : As the main person in charge of the project, what are your thoughts?

B : I’d like for the design department to design the Web page according to the needs of the marketing department, and then let the programming department take over.

A : 這個專案要跨部門合作,我們得開一次協調會議。

B : 我已經發群組信給各部門了,今天下午2點開會。

A : 身為專案負責人,你有什麼想法?

B : 我希望設計部先依行銷部需求設計網頁,再交由程式部執行。