Mon, Mar 04, 2013 - Page 2

A : Why are you applying for this sales job with us?

B : I enjoy challenging myself and this would be a challenging job.

A : You were an automobile salesperson at your last job, but we sell anti-virus software for computers.

B : A good salesperson sells more than one product and I’m confident that I will excel at this job.

A : 為什麼想要應徵我們的業務?

B : 我喜歡自我挑戰,而這是一份很有挑戰性的工作。

A : 你上一份工作是汽車業務,我們的產品可是電腦防毒軟體。

B : 好的業務不能只會賣一種商品,我有信心能勝任這份工作!