Sun, Mar 03, 2013 - Page 2

A : I went in for an interview at a modeling agency. It was horrible.

B : What happened? Are you OK?

A : Yeah. They just took some photos of me and asked me to pay them.

B : Sounds like you got hustled. You should call the “165” anti-fraud hotline as soon as possible to report it.

A : 我去一家模特兒經紀公司面試,感覺很糟!

B : 怎麼了?你沒事吧!

A : 沒事,但他們為我拍了一些照片,之後跟我索取拍攝費用。

B : 你應該遇到詐騙了!快打「165反詐騙」檢舉。