Thu, Feb 28, 2013 - Page 2

A : Sir, here’s the production overview for last night. Aside from production line A, all of the other lines were up to capacity.

B : Production line A stopped working for six hours, so it hardly produced anything the entire night. What happened?

A : The machine broke down. The manufacturer didn’t send anyone to fix it until 6am.

B : OK. Please write a report about how the problem was fixed.

A : 廠長,這是昨晚的生產狀況,除了A產線外,其他線的產能都有達目標。

B : A產線停止運作了6小時,幾乎等於整晚沒有生產,為什麼?

A : 那條產線的機台故障,但廠商到早上6點才派人來修。

B : 了解,稍後請你寫一份報告,說明問題處理的結果。