Could an earlier lunchtime help you lose weight? 提早吃午餐有助減重?

Thu, Feb 28, 2013 - Page 11

Want to lose weight? Eating lunch earlier rather than later may help you out. Dieters who ate early lunches tended to lose more weight than those who had their midday meal on the later side, according to a Spanish study.

The finding does not prove that bumping up your lunch hour will help you shed that extra weight, but it is possible that eating times play a role in how the body regulates its weight, researchers said.

Research included 420 people attending nutrition clinics in southeast Spain. Along with going to regular group therapy sessions with nutrition and exercise counseling, dieters recorded their food and reported on their daily physical activity. About half of the people said they ate lunch before 3pm and half after. Over 20 weeks of counseling, early and late lunchers ate a similar amount of food, and burned a similar amount of calories through daily activities.

However, early eaters lost an average of 10kg — just over 11 percent of their starting weight — while late eaters dropped 7.7kg, or nine percent of their initial weight.

(Liberty Times)