Tue, Feb 26, 2013 - Page 2

A : Sir, I’d like to take a compensatory leave day next week.

B : That might be difficult since the company’s new marketing event is coming up.

A : But I’ve worked overtime every weekend this month. I haven’t had a day off.

B : I understand. I feel for you. How about if I give you a week of compensatory leave after the two-week event?

A : 經理,我下週想要請一天補休。

B : 這有點為難,因為公司的新行銷活動即將開始。

A : 可是這個月我每個周末都來加班,沒有休息。

B : 我了解,辛苦你了!活動兩週後,再安排你請一個禮拜的補休,好嗎?