Taiwan’s ‘Grand Riders’ set to tour the US 不老「騎」蹟 受邀八月訪美西

Tue, Feb 26, 2013 - Page 11

Even foreigners are moved by the spirit of Taiwan’s elderly motorcyclists. After bringing nine senior riders from the US to ride last year with Taiwan’s “Grand Riders,” 17 senior riders who took part in a 13-day motorcycle tour around the island in 2007, which was eventually turned into a documentary called Go Grand- riders, American film producer and journalist for the Motorcyclist magazine Peter Starr has invited the riders to visit the US this year to ride from Los Angeles to San Francisco. The US tour is meant to give exposure to Taiwanese veneration for seniors and inspiration from the Taiwanese seniors’ courage to chase down their dreams.

Starr, 70, was quite moved by the elderly Taiwanese riders after seeing news about them on the Internet. People in the US usually think that as soon as you get old you become useless and worthless, Starr says, but in Taiwan you can still realize the dreams of your youth, and that is why he brought nine elderly motorcyclists from the US to ride with him and the Grand Riders around the island. After seeing firsthand the great tradition of respecting one’s elders in Taiwan, he decided to promote Taiwan’s Grand Riders in the US.

Starr is planning on inviting the Grand Riders to the US in August to ride along the coastline from Los Angeles to San Francisco, which is around 650km, visiting five cities along the way. Elderly riders from the US and volunteers will be joining them for the trip, and the documentary will be shown as well. He is also planning a trip to Taiwan in September, which will include 20 senior riders from the UK and the US, riding from Pingtung County to Greater Taichung.

The Go Grandriders documentary will be shown at this year’s CAAMFest, formerly the San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival, on March 15 and 23 in the hope that showing the film at the festival will allow Go Grandriders to be shown at cinemas throughout the US.

(Liberty Times, Translated by Kyle Jeffcoat)