Fri, Feb 22, 2013 - Page 2

A : I’ll visit the boss in Slovenia tomorrow. I heard our competitor Fogglestone is trying really hard to win orders from them.

B : I know. Don’t worry. I’m confident that we’ll get these orders.

A : How can you be so sure?

B : I did a very thorough SWOT analysis, and I’ve practiced my sales pitch a dozen times.

A : 明天要拜訪S公司的老闆。聽說對手F公司也積極爭取他們的訂單。

B : 我知道,你放心,我有信心能爭取到這筆訂單。

A : 你為什麼這麼有把握?

B : 我做了非常詳細的SWOT分析,對客戶的說詞,也演練不下十遍了。