Wed, Feb 20, 2013 - Page 2

A : Are the gifts ready for Friday’s outdoor event?

B : Not yet. The manufacturer said they’d deliver them today, but it’s afternoon already and they still haven’t arrived.

A : Maybe something unexpected came up.

B : No one’s answering the telephone. I’ll run over to their company in a bit to see what’s up.

A : 後天街頭派樣活動的贈品,準備好了嗎?

B : 還沒,廠商原本說今天上午要送到,但現在下午了都還不見人影。

A : 該不會有什麼變故吧!

B : 對方電話一直沒人接。我等會跑一趟他們公司,了解原因。