Fisheries agency releases results of ‘top 10 fishing harbors’ contest 漁業署十大魅力漁港出爐

Tue, Feb 19, 2013 - Page 11

The winners of the Fisheries Agency’s “Top 10 Fishing Harbors” contest were announced on Feb. 5. All of the harbors included in the contest, which consisted of discussions and online voting, had been nominated or were previous winners in contests during the past three years. New Taipei City was the big winner with four of its harbors in the top 10, while Greater Kaohsiung and Yilan County had two winning harbors each. The Fisheries Agency also later added the Nanfangao fishing port in Yilan as well as Keelung’s Badouzih fishing harbor to the list as “popular fishing ports.”

Fisheries Agency Deputy Director-General Tsay Tzu-yaw says Taiwan has 225 fishing harbors in all, including more than 60 fishing ports among the outlying islands of Penghu County, while the municipality with the second highest number of fishing ports is New Taipei City with 30 harbors.

The scores given by the contest judges generally corresponded with the scores in the online vote. However, even though Yilan’s Wushih Harbor came in 14th place in the online vote, the judges felt that its neighboring Lanyang Museum along with the old street area of Toucheng both help increase the harbor’s historical and cultural value, not to mention that it is the biggest harbor in northern Taiwan for whale watching, so the port later climbed up from 14th place.

(Liberty Times, translated by Kyle Jeffcoat)