Sat, Feb 16, 2013 - Page 2

A : Please send Alan an e-mail reminding him about the stuff that needs to be done following today’s meeting.

B : Wasn’t it already discussed in the meeting that we had this morning?

A : It’s just so there’s a documented record to avoid any future discrepancies.

B : OK. A necessary precaution indeed. After all, mistakes can be made when things are not written down.

A : 請發一封e-mail給艾倫,交代今天會後的待辦事項。

B : 早上會議結束前,不是都交代清楚了嗎?

A : 這是為了留下文件紀錄,避免日後紛爭。

B : 嗯,這的確有必要,畢竟用口語傳達,雙方都可能失誤。