Wed, Feb 13, 2013 - Page 2

A : I’ve made so many sales calls for this new job. My cellphone bill is


B : Have you compared rate plans for different phone companies? There are plans available with discounts for calls to landlines.

A : Any that you recommend?

B : I’m on this discount plan with Allconnect for calls to landlines. It’s less than NT$1 for three minutes.

A : 換了新工作後,我常在外跑業務,用手機聯絡客戶,每個月電話費爆增!

B : 你比較過各家電信業者的費率方案了嗎?有些方案對撥打市話有優惠。

A : 你有推薦的嗎?

B : 我使用A電信的市話優惠方案,打市話3分鐘不到1塊錢。