Mon, Feb 11, 2013 - Page 2

A : I’ve been sending my resume out for weeks now, but I haven’t had a single interview.

B : Maybe you need to change your resume.

A : But my resume is really detailed. I listed all five jobs I’ve had over the past year.

B : That’s the problem. If I was a manager, I’d assume you’re not reliable.

A : 我已經投了好幾個禮拜的履歷,但一直都沒有收到面試通知。

B : 也許你需要重新修改你的履歷內容。

A : 但我的履歷很詳盡啊!我詳列出這一年我做過的五個工作。

B : 那就是問題所在了,如果我是老闆,我會覺得你的穩定度不夠。